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"Every dream you leave behind is a piece of your future that ceases to exist."Steve Jobs


Our commitment is to offer quality education, opportunity and knowledge. Shall we build your future together?



Offer quality education, contributing to the development of people in face-to-face and distance learning;


Facijampa's principles and values are respect for Ethics, Excellence in service and appreciation and employability of People;


To be recognized by the academic community as a quality Higher Education Institution in face-to-face and distance learning that provides a high degree of employability for its graduates in the labor market;

Innovation in Teaching

As markets change and new technologies emerge, changing human and social behavior, education must incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge into teaching so that a culture of innovation can be embedded in students' mindsets! FaciJampa understands that innovation is what moves the global economy in the digital age, so we are not left out, #VemPraFaciJampa

Welcome to Faculdade FaciJampa! Enjoy our presentation video

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